Conveyancing And Property

Our team is familiar with the legal and business conventions and provides tailored advice to our clients on all forms of real estate matters. We recognize there is no single solution to ownership of real estate and that proper investment planning begins long before signing the contract. We help clients make informed decisions at every step of the process. The Firm also provides advice with respect to real‑estate‑related litigation.

Most of our work is with a mix of blue chip corporate, institutional investors and developers. We act for different sides of the property equation. This enables us to spot potential problems while they are still far away and recognize opportunities that may otherwise escape.

We provide services on all types of property matters including:

  • Registration and transfer of properties;
  • Preparation of all kinds of real estate agreements including but not limited to sale agreements, sale deeds, lease agreements, rent agreements etc.;
  • Rendering advices and opinions on both local and international real estate matter; and
  • Preparation, filing and arguing of appeals, petitions and references before all appellate forums up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.