Arbitration continues to be dynamic and popular form of dispute resolution both internationally and locally. The decision to arbitrate can be strategic, particularly in highly technical cases in which a judge is not likely to understand the industry. In these types of cases, our arbitration lawyers find it beneficial to arbitrate before people who know the nuances, jargon and traditions of specific industries. As a result, we believe this substantially increases the chances that the decision will be made based on the merits rather than emotions.

The firm advises its clients on every step of the dispute resolution process, including the drafting of arbitration clauses, pre-action issues, alternative dispute resolution methods (e.g., mediation), commencement and conduct of proceedings (e.g., document production, pleadings, witness statements, hearings), and the enforcement of arbitral awards.

Our Senior Partner Mr. Justice (R) Muhammad Ather Saeed has been nominated as Arbitrator in number of Arbitrations and has already given Awards in some of the Arbitration.