Senior Financial Advisor

Overview and Experience

Mr. Gul e Abbas is a well known name in the corporate circle. He joined the firm immediately after his retirement at Hinopak Motors Limited. When he joined the firm, he brought with himself a wealth of experience which he had accumulated throughout his illustrious corporate career. Mr. Gul e Abbas is one of only a few of his contemporaries who enjoyed both a successful corporate career rising to the top of echelons of management, and continued to contribute to the legal world.

While being an advocate of the Higher Courts of Pakistan, he is also in-charge of the accounts department of the firm, where he is tasked with overseeing the management and handling of accounting for various national and international giants. Mr. Gul e Abbas is proficient in book keeping, accounting and reporting, various strains of accounting namely management accounting, financial accounting, cost accounting, taxation and corporate laws and business drafting.

In addition to being a valuable asset of the firm, Mr. Gul e Abbas has also helped nurture, train and mould up and coming talent at the firm, eagerly helping the younger generation at the firm embody the virtues of professionalism, steadfastness and hardwork.